August 1, 2018

IRI Health Check

With this App you can check live the health status of your or any other Iota IRI (Full) node.

The app will check if it is health with following checks:

  • Sync of last Milestone and last Sub-Tangle Milestone Index
  • If there are Neighbors
  • If their transactions of Neighbors
  • Tips
  • If there was any movement on your node on the sub-tangle milestone index

When there was found some issue, then it will give you some advices what you can do to fix the problem on your node.

The Application is using the original Iota API Commands testet with Iota API 1.5.x.

To use this App the node must have at least Version 1.5.x and the REST commands “getNodeInfo” and “getNeighbors” allowed from remote to connect.

The Iota IRI Node is the service from IOTA to work the transactions. Your Iota wallet need to connect to an of this node. Only if the node is healthy, that means for example, he is in sync, your transaction will made successful and without issues. When a node is out of sync, it can make problems to confirm your transaction. Therefore it is always good to know the node and his neighbors for own security.

The Iota IRI node is developed by the Iota Foundation Group.








MacOS Desktop App
Version:  1.1.3
MacOS High Sierra
English and German supported
iPhone App
Version: 1.1.3
iOS 11.4.x
English and German supported
Android App
Version 1.1.1
Android 6 or higher
English only supported
Windows App
Version 1.0.4
.NET Framework 4.6x required
English only supported

Questions / Answers

How can I make sure, that IRI Health Check can connect to my Iota IRI Node?

There two things required.

1.) You need to allow remote access to the two following Commands: (GetNodeInfo and GetNeighbors) This you can manage in the “iri.ini” config file. It is about the REMOTE_LIMIT_API property. Make sure that these two commands are not listed here. Then I guess it is also required that this Option is set: API_HOST= So the server is listing to everybody.

2.) You need to setup some webserver to connect your IRI Node if not already done (Proxy Server). The same configuration you need as well, if you like to connect this node with your wallet. A good description how to config I have found here:

Privacy Policy

Apple, Google has new requirement to provide privacy policys in the application. Here you can check our privacy policy for the IRI Health app..

A small donation would make my very happy and give some motivation for more features.